Should you really have your Air Conditioner serviced every year?

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Instead of listing the benefits of regular maintenance, I’m going to leave you a list of what skipping maintenance can lead to. Here are some of the problems that can occur if you don’t have your HVAC system serviced yearly:

Reduced efficiency: A dirty or poorly maintained HVAC system will not operate as efficiently as a clean and well-maintained system. This leads to higher energy bills, longer run times, and shorter equipment life.

Increased risk of breakdowns: A poorly maintained HVAC system is more likely to break down. This can be expensive and inconvenient. Not maintaining you air conditioner is the equivalent of not changing the oil in your car.

Reduced comfort: A poorly maintained HVAC system may not be able to heat or cool your home effectively, resulting in an uncomfortable environment.

Health problems: A dirty HVAC system can circulate dust, pollen, and other allergens throughout your home. This can trigger allergies and asthma attacks.

Missing out on warranty parts: Many equipment components showing signs of wear can be tested. If we find a part that is starting to fail or is out of spec, we can replace it before it breaks – and sometimes that part is close to being out of warranty. The difference is you paying for the part when it could have been prevented.

Okay!… So why have your equipment serviced at least once year? When we perform a maintenance, we have a certain time allocation that we can attribute to your equipment. If we can not clean the equipment in the required time, we have to charge for the additional time. A preventative maintenance is just that… preventative. If you are waiting until your equipment struggles to cool efficiently or you see an increase in energy usage (which could have been prevented with regular scheduled maintenance,) you are in need of a more costly time intensive service. It will take longer and cost more than a unit that has not been maintained. At the end of the day, you have done the exact opposite of what you were trying to achieve – saving money.

Do you really want to take those risks? Click here for more information on maintenance for your home air conditioner.