Fuel Pumps & Fuel Islands

Electrical for Fuel Islands, Fuel Pumps, & Fuel Dispensers

Our primary customers are private fleet, automotive, and aircraft operators. Applications for use of our services include conduit, wiring, lighting, and controls for the installation of electronic and mechanical gasoline dispensing systems such as Gilbarco and Gasboy dispensers, control consoles, interconnecting devices and accessories as required for a complete and operating system. We have installed pumps, dispensers, tank monitoring/inventory control/release detection (Automatic Tank Gauge– ATG) systems including consoles with alarm capability, automatic tank gauging equipment, sensors for all secondary containment (including tank, piping and dispenser sumps), and overfill alarms. We have installed multiple Veeder-Root controlled systems. Call us to discuss your needs today.

Fuel Island Electric

  • Fuel island electric systems typically include the following components:

    • Electrical wiring specific to be used around chemicals
    • Conduit with explosion proof characteristics
    • Hazardous Location Lighting
    • Electrical panels rated for hazardous locations
    • Grounding and bonding systems to minimize arcing potential
  • Fuel island electric systems must be designed and installed in accordance with all applicable codes and standards. Beyond the technical knowledge available to electricians, fuel dispensing installations required knowledge from other applicable standards including NFPA 30, NFPA 30A, UL 79, UL 1238, and more.

  • Air & Electrical Services has the experience and can install a fuel island electric system to meet your specific needs.

Air & Electrical Services follows all code requirements to ensure your fueling systems are compliant and safe. Contact us today to discuss electrical solutions tailored to your specific fueling facility.

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