Pickleball Court Lighting at Charlie Brown Park

Electrical, Jobsites

In October 2023, Air & Electrical Services proudly completed the installation of state-of-the-art lighting for the Pickleball Courts at Charlie Brown Park. This project showcases our dedication to providing high-quality, customized lighting solutions that enhance both visibility and safety for recreational and public spaces.

Our team specializes in designing lighting systems that meet the specific needs of various environments. Whether you’re looking to illuminate sports fields, parking lots, or enhance security, we ensure every inch of your area is uniformly lit. The new lighting at Charlie Brown Park not only improves the gameplay experience for Pickleball enthusiasts but also ensures safety during evening hours.

Our sport field lighting solutions are engineered to reduce glare and provide consistent light coverage, creating an optimal playing environment. Additionally, our parking lot lighting services are designed to enhance visibility and security, making them ideal for businesses and public areas where safety is a priority.

With extensive experience and a commitment to quality, Air & Electrical Services is your go-to partner for all your lighting needs. To explore our comprehensive sport lighting solutions, click here. For more details on how we can brighten your parking lot, click here.

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