What is a power surge?


A power surge is a sudden and unexpected increase in voltage in an electrical circuit. Power surges can be caused by a variety of factors, including lightning strikes, power outages, and faulty wiring.

How can you prevent power surges in your home?

  • Use surge protectors. Surge protectors are devices that can help to protect your electronic devices from power surges. Surge protectors should be plugged into every outlet that you use for electronic devices.
  • Unplug electronic devices when you’re not using them. Even when they’re turned off, many electronic devices continue to use power. Unplugging them can help to protect them from power surges.
  • Install a whole-house surge protector. A whole-house surge protector is a device that can help to protect your entire home from power surges. Whole-house surge protectors are typically installed in the main electrical panel of your home. For more information on surge protectors, click here.

Why are power surges dangerous for your home and your belongings? Power surges can be dangerous for your home and your belongings because they can damage or even destroy electronic devices. Power surges can also cause electrical fires.

Is there a typical time that power surges occur? Power surges can occur at any time, but they are more common during thunderstorms.

Here are some additional tips for protecting your home and belongings from power surges:

  • Avoid using electronic devices during thunderstorms. If you must use an electronic device during a thunderstorm, unplug it as soon as you’re finished using it.
  • Be aware of the signs of a power surge. Signs of a power surge include lights flickering, electronic devices turning off or on unexpectedly, and buzzing noises coming from electrical outlets.
  • Have your electrical wiring inspected if power surges are frequent and your neighbors to not have power surges. An Air & Electrical Services electrician can identify and fix any wiring problems that could potentially cause power issues.
  • Have Air & Electrical Services install a whole home surge arrestor.

Contact Air & Electrical Services to inspect your home if power surges are frequent!